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Aren Promotion Productions is a non-profit web-page and promotion label, run by Kenny Svalgaard and Simon Mikael Friborg. It's goal is to gather miscellaneous projects, artists and releases under one name, and promote and exhibit these peoples works and creations.
As AREN.DK is a Danish site, written in Danish, and mostly visited by Danish spoken individuals, you will on this page be able to find information about the various projects and some tips to navigate around, even if you're not able to fully understand the beautiful language of Denmark.

The Barrow Downs / Andre Projekter

The chief object of is to promote and exhibit songs. You can download MP3 songs by clicking on either "The Barrow Downs" or "Andre Projekter" (other projects) on the main top menu, then click on the covers of a specific album, and then again click on "Hent Mp3" (download mp3). It is also possible to view the lyrics for some of the songs by clicking on "Se Teksten" (see the lyric). Be sure to read the "terms of agreement/legal information" listed on the bottom of this page, before downloading, copying or viewing anything on this site.

Gæstebog / Kontakt os:

“Gæstebog” is a Guestbook / Messageboard. Feel free to sign it! On the page “kontakt os” you will find our e-mails. You can also write to us online, by using the board on this page. Click on the receiver (modtager), then write a headline (overskrift, emne), your message (din kommentar...), and then your e-mail address. Then simply press the "send besked" button and your message is send. Be sure to click on the right receiver: Simon Mikael Friborg - for inquiries about the sites artistic contents and Kenny Svalgaard - for inquiries about the sites web design and functionality. You should know that it is very welcomed by us (and absolutely essential for us), if you would spend a few minutes, writing down some reviews/opinions about the music/works/site. It would help us in our future development to gain as much feedback as possible, whether it is good ideas, questions, critics, encouragement etc. Use the “gæstebog” for short commentaries/messages, and our e-mails for longer or/and more personal messages. We look forward hearing from you!

Here follows some short summaries or/and translations in English, on the subjects found in some of the articles featured on Aren.Dk.

The Barrow Downs

AREN is mainly concerned around THE BARROW DOWNS which is a long term production project, who's chief object is to quick-test and document songs written by Simon Mikael Friborg.
The project started in 1998, by Simon, and consists of songs written from 1995 up to present day. As well as recording the piano, accordion, bass, guitar, percussion, additional vocals, programming and keyboards, the productions are produced, engineered and mixed by Simon, mostly in his small home-studio, T.H.O.M., located in Aarhus, Jutland - Denmark.
For a list on other musicians included in the recordings, see "The Barrow Downs" - "Andre involverede kunstnere" (other included artists).

Sade Satoi based around the two song writers Simon M. Friborg and Søren Lund.
In July 2002 Simon (bass, engineering) & Søren (lead and backing vocals) entered the Backyard Studio in Aarhus. Two rock/pop songs were rehearsed, recorded and mixed in 4 days, with the help of Rasmus (guitar), Kasper (guitar) and Kenn (drums). A third song recorded in T.H.O.M Studio is also released on a demo, together with the two above mentioned. Hopefully more songs will appear in the future.


Natlogi was a theatre play, presented midnight on the 18th of June 2000, on Testrup Højskole. It was written and performed by eight school friends. The original soundtrack to “Natlogi”is written & produced by Simon M. Friborg, and arranged & adopted for theatre by Simon M. Friborg & Sidsel B-Christensen, June 2000.The five re-mixes is re-written, arranged and produced by Simon M. Friborg, in the year 2001 (there is no connection between the original manuscript and the English lyrics).
Other artists featured on the soundtrack includes: Sidsel Becker-Christensen, Christian Sebbesen, Anna Vestergaard, Mai Drost Nielsen, Frantz Lundby, Søren Lund and Martin Qvist.

Surpass Stage

Surpass Stage was a rock band, formed by school teenage-friends in 1990, near Aarhus. First influenced by the wave of metal they were formed under the name Pugnacity as a death metal band which resulted in a couple of gigs, an 8-song demo-tape, and a featuring on the second volume of "F.Y.W.F.D" series, on Progress Records.
Late in 1992 the "Grunge/Seattle rock - wave" soon took over, and the band changed name, style and line-up: Henrik Christensen (drums), Søren Koldsen-Zederkof (vocals, guitar), Simon M. Friborg (bass) and Michael H. Andersen (guitar). Together with earning a couple of dimes playing cover-songs at parties, they worked hard on their own songs, and recorded a demo-tape in 1994 and another one in 1995.
The band survived until later that same year, when the band broke up as a result of "growing up" and "interest-conflicts". The three demo tapes is now compiled on one demo CD.


"Sippe-projektet" and "Det Store Orakel", is a couple of strange CD´s recorded by Simon M. Friborg, Frantz Lundby and Rasmus Knabe. for nothing but the fun of recording them. The song-lyrics are all in Danish (and often quite unserious), and is a variation of songs written by the performers or/and friends, as well as traditional Danish children songs.

Legal Information

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